Extremely Simple Fat Loss – An Overview of John Rowley’s Latest Fitness Program

extremelysimplefatlossAnnounced in December 2013 and set to be released on January 20th, 2014, ”Extremely Simple Fat Loss” is the newest fitness and health program authored by the highly-respected and acclaimed fitness expert and international best-selling international author John Rowley. Created especially for people with active lifestyles and busy schedules and who are absolutely determined to find a simple yet foolproof, safe and effective fat loss solution, John Rowley’s brand new workout program is fully complete and straightforward. This highly-anticipated book tackles bluntly all essential parameters related to sustainable weight loss and weight management, including healthy eating habits and proper nutrition, specialized, metabolism-boosting exercise programs such as indoor and outdoor cardio, muscle-building exercises such as weight training as well as psyche-related standpoints such as goal setting and the visualization of your harmoniously shaped body.

The famous fitness guru guides you step by step, yet straight-to-the-point with his highly-respected expert opinion and bluntly explains, without beating around the bush, what truly works and what you need to do exactly in order to achieve your specific weight loss goals. To cut to the chase, the ”Extremely Simple Fat Loss” program helps you help yourself because it encompasses both the inner aspects ( including the proper mindset, determination, motivation) as well as the outer, basic and practical aspects of losing weight ( including a healthy diet and regular workout, with extremely useful charts), both equally important for a successful outcome.

Arguing in its introductory word that losing weight is as simple and easy as a text message, John Rowley’s latest book is structured in several sections and parts, respectively for better understanding and quicker assimilation of his expert advice. Following a short account of his near-death experience after having a car accident, the book delves deeper into crucial and inter-connected elements required for a successful fat loss program. Starting off by informing you what really works- you paying attention, taking responsibility for your actions and working towards achieving your fat loss goals, ”Extremely Simple Fat Loss” is very easy to follow and describes you in a simplistic manner what you need to do to regain your figure; John Rowley guarantees results if you use precisely what the fitness expert teaches you.



The first section of the book entitled ”Mastering the Mind” addresses the inner game of losing weight, which is vital to any fat loss program, because your brain unwittingly holds the key to your dream body. This section contains several detailed goal setting forms as well as five foolproof action steps which make the essential process of goal setting unbelievably simple, in addition to extremely valuable motivational advice.

In section two, entitled ”Believe It Is Possible!”, Rowley draws attention to the fact that ”lack of belief” in your capabilities to make your dreams a reality is the main reason ”most diet and exercise plans fail”. In the first part of this section, ”Power of Habits”, the best-selling author advises you how to make your habits truly empowering and how to find time each day for your workout regimen. Part two of this section, ”Modifying Your metabolism” focuses on effective metabolism-boosting techniques including a trick to help you maintain your insulin in the normal range, which will make you cut off carbs for good. In this part, Rowley also explains that nutrient-depleting diets are counterproductive and you need to adopt a proper nutrition plan based on your specific body type.

Part three, ”Monitoring Your Mouth” deals exclusively with what you should and should not eat in order to lose the excess body fat, as well as with when and how much you need to eat. This part goes deeper into the old school method of eating, preferred by professional bodybuilders and the new 8/16 eating plan. The last section of the book is entitled ”Maximizing Your Muscles” and it describes ”the perfect routine”, a set of muscle-building and cardio exercises that really work – this coming from a highly-appreciated fitness professional.

Get ready to fight off fat for good and re-sculpt your body with John Rowley s ”Extremely Simple Fat Loss”, to be launched January 20th, 2014! All you have to do is ”believe it is possible!”

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Extremely Simple Fat Loss with Expert John Rowley

Weight loss and diets are on everyone’s mind. It’s hard to walk around the block or step into a supermarket without running headfirst into diet products, magazines touting the latest fad diet or miracle solution that can melt the pounds away. In the aftermath of the weight-awareness world, it’s hard to know who to trust with your money, your body and your piece of mind. That’s why you want to look for a name with a proven track record – a name like John Rowley.

John Rowley has certainly been making the circuit – and he’s much more than the latest self-proclaimed fitness guru out trying to sell a new miracle pill that he hopes people will swallow hook, line and sinker. John has been named “America’s Lifestyle Strategist” by his overwhelming ability to transform bodies, minds and much more through easy to master, simple, day-to-day solutions. John focuses on much more than just people’s bodies – he’s also interested in their mental and spiritual well-being, and his easy to implement solutions have transformed lives all over the country, earning him credit from Martha Stuart, Fox News and many, many more.

John Rowley has seen and experienced it all, and he’s faced his own struggles in his rise to the top. He strove to regain optimum health after a nearly fatal car accident ended his college athletic career earlier than expected. John is a success story of his own making, and he’s faced the good with the bad in order to come up with his successful strategies that he’s more than willing to share with others. He knows what it’s like to start at the bottom and work hard for every single leg up. John is not the kind of person who’s willing to sugar coat the facts just to sell another product. He’s truly no frills honest with his approaches to physical, spiritual and mental well-being, and that means that others have to recognize that they face difficult challenges if they hope to achieve their goals and ultimately be successful.

With so many other self-professed health gurus on the market, if you’re facing the challenge of full-body well-being, you want someone in your corner who has been there and experienced everything from the depths of seeming failure to the peaks of success – and John Rowley is the person you want in your corner when things seem darkest. He’s been there – and he has a proven track record of success that is evident in his own life – and the lives of countless others. Sometimes you need to hear the cold, honest truth before you can move forward and grab life by the horns, and you want to know that you have the support of someone who’s experienced their own trials and tribulations along the way. Rather than trust your mind, body and spiritual awakening to a budding beginner with little if any life experience, you want an experienced champion who is ready to encourage you, support you and guide you through your own set of hurdles – and John Rowley is the guide that can help you through.


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The John Rowley’s Fitness Challenge

As the climate in New England and different parts of the nation is frequently deplorable amid the winter months, numerous people lose the inspiration to stick to their everyday fitness schedules. To attempt and stay spurred, several people make the same old New Year’s Resolutions, whether it is to shed pounds or eat healthier. Nonetheless, getting in shape is the most well-known New Year’s resolution, as well as the most regularly broken one.

Following a few years of study and extensive research, top rated author, fitness and lifestyle expert John Rowley found the perfect mix for top performance so you can accomplish your objectives. UX3–The Perfect Meal sustains your body so you teem with the vitality it needs to perform and influences the force of “E-Factor Foods” to help health and smolder fat. Precisely what you have to sustain your craving to succeed.

This National fitness master launched his 52 Million Pound Challenge on January third, where he was tasking North America with losing 52 million pounds collectively. Challenge members would get all the necessary tools they need to succeed, including a day by day messages from HabitForge to help actualize daily habits into their lives and access to guidance and instruments from innumerable fitness, health and lifestyle specialists on the 52 Million Pound Challenge site. To be crowed Grand Champion, members post a previous, and after picture or the rate of fat loss on the Facebook Page, and in addition a 350 word article or 3 moment feature offering their motivating stories. The winners (1 male and 1 female) would be controlled by friends, family and associates on the 52 Million Pound Challenge Facebook page.

The Reason for the Challenge

Rowley needed to begin the test to influence North America’s health, economy, and innovativeness. Constructive change for a country happens one individual at a time, yet with a specific end goal to draw in every individual, Rowley felt beginning a test bigger than any one individual would influence enthusiasm and responsibility. People need not to bother with other diet or exercise. They have to make steady move and that is the thing that the 52 Million Pound Challenge would help individuals do. As opposed to sitting back and making complains about what the government is doing in medicinal services, what the healthcare professionals is accomplishing for health, or the wacky ways the fitness and health industry attempt to help, Rowley thought he would really do something to help change individuals’ lives.

Objectives for Rowley’s Challenge

A definitive objective of the 52 Million Pound Challenge is to have a large number of individuals, lose hundreds of millions of pounds and get to be healthier, stronger and more dynamic. Which in turn will influence the family, person, the economy, healthcare, the community and the world. John Rowley needed the site to be the most obvious fitness, health and lifestyle resource for people, enterprises, associations and the media to go to for motivation and information to help with the nation’s new transformation.


The tools accessible through the 52 Million Pound Challenge aren’t only for members, they are for everybody. Rowley’s team has top fitness authors posting new articles consistently and a weekly radio show. On the front page they have a counter of the amount of cash spent on health improvement plans consistently in the US. Furthermore the maps of the US and Candida are interactive. When you click on a state you will see the weight loss objective for the state, the obesity rate, the approximate number of obese adults, the total number of 52 Million Pound Challenge members, the pounds they have lost and the percentage of the objectives achieved.


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